Board of word game on iPhone and iPad
The new word game which is sure to create a buzz!

A simple and catchy game

Compose words of 5 to 8 letters on the board before it's completely filled...

Daily ranking
Each day, "Ramdamers" play the same drawing of letters and compare their scores instantly in the game...

"RAMDAM, just awesome!"
Philippe Bellosta, Scrabble©* world champion

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Free & no limit

Create a free account in few seconds. In the app, once logged in, you have access to boards so you can play immediately!


A new board is available each 6 hours. Once the grid expired, you get your final ranking for this board, and your general ranking progress. You can review other players game too!

Live ranking!

Players play all the same grid with the same drawn of letters at the same time. You are therefore ranked instantly throughout the game.
*Scrabble is a registered trademark of J.W.Spear & Sons PLC